Jenny Seu Kueng Low Wong – Remembering the 9/11 fallen

Only time will heal this pain that we are going through. I lost a sister in this terrible tragedy, but I know that she will always be in our heart, she will always be remembered. She tried so many new things and enjoyed her life fully. Wherever she is, I hope she is happy with a smile always on her face. Mary Low Wong, sister

Jenny was only 25 years old in September of 2001.  25 years old and an Assistant Vice President, of the Market Information Group for Marsh & McLennan.  Bright, funny, caring and energetic have all been used to describe Jenny.

Jenny’s life is literally an international tapestry.  She was born in Venezuela to her Chinese parents and moved to the United States at the age of 12 to continue her education.

Jenny was an active volunteer – working on community projects to better the lives of those who surrounded her.  Be it painting the apartment of an elderly woman in Harlem or introducing her friends to the flavors of sangria or paella, Jenny was a gracious friend with a ready smile.  She was always ready to help people and made time to tutor high school students.  As busy as she was, Jenny always wanted to be close to her family.

Fluent in Cantonese, Spanish and English, Jenny was a valuable asset to Marsh & McLennan.  Her language and business skills were a mere speck of her value to the company.  Jenny was the key that opened the communication lines in the office.  She created the company newsletter and arranged social outings to encourage camaraderie .

Jenny loved to travel and explore.  She relished in trying new things, riding roller coasters and such.  Nothing seemed to scare her, well, that’s not quite true.  The world traveler with a sense of adventure was inexplicably afraid of butterflies.

I think of Jenny and I am struck by the similarities between her life and the life of butterflies.

From egg, to larvae, to pupa and from the cocoon the butterfly emerges in all her incredibly glory.  The butterfly spreads its wings, soaring beautifully enriching the lives of those who see it flutter.  Yet for all the changes a butterfly goes through, the butterfly lives for just one month.

Jenny was born in South America, moved to New York, ensconced herself in her studies and emerged from university a beautiful young woman.  She spread her wings and flew, traveling the world, touching the lives of all those around her.  She brought joy and enlightenment to the many people in her very short life.

Jenny was the most beautiful of butterflies.

We love you. It still hurts everyday as we remember the wonderful memories and the amazing unconditional friendship that we had. We comfort ourselves in knowing that you have gone to a better place. Thank you for everything. Ray & Therese, Friends.


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